Background and Experience

                                                                           Caesalpinea in garden bank




Gates & Croft is a landscaping company rooted in creative art and design as well as horticultural experience. Art education and experience can be found under 'About Jane Schwartz Gates'. Horticultural experience covers over 30 years of landscape design, plant shop and nursery sales and management, professional greenhouse plant propagation and hybridization, and even flower arranging. Additional experience has come from classes and hands-on experience with drought-tolerant, California native, cactus and succulent, tropical, indoor and edible plants. Horticultural work has been done from the British Isles to Italy to New England to Ohio to Washington state, and spaces in between. But Gates & Croft specializes in the many exacting microclimates of the chaparral and low water areas of Santa Clarita, Sylmar, Palmdale and the Los Angeles valley* areas. We are focused on sustainability and easy-care as well as designing with climate extremes in mind -- since this area is prone to wide temperature ranges, hungry soils, serious droughts and water shortages and damaging Santa Ana winds. Even so, it IS possible to have alluring, artistic landscapes that fit into a wide range of lifestyles and budgets.


Other areas of particular interest to Gates & Croft Horticultural Design are decorative water features, fish and ponds, usual and unusual construction materials for hardscaping, faux painting, murals, sculptures and other creative structures. Natural pest control is a priority as is integration of the site, design and the client's lifestyle. We are experts at creating eco-friendly gardens, focus on drought and wild fire landscaping and know all about growing edible gardens -- all to create spectacular-looking landscapes to fit into our client's tastes, preferences and budget.  We also offer designing with the principles of Feng Shui for those who are interested. Regarding construction and building knowledge, Gates & Croft Horticultural Design has a 'Home Improvement Certification' and a C27 California Landscape Contractor's license, # 761006.


*Plant choices vary considerably depending on the microclimate of each specific area.

Working with Gates& Croft Horticultural Design

We are available to do full designs by hand or computer and offer designs locally or for sites out of our area. If you send a photo of the space you need landscaped we can send you a design, a hand sketch or an image or images of the finished design. Locally, we design residential and commercial sites, indoors (including atriums) and outdoors (including patios and courtyards). We offer coaching services to help guide the do-it-yourselfer in design, construction and growing (plant selection, growing information and plant maintenance) issues.  We are also available for consultations. Our rates are: $475/half day and $800/full day for local jobs.