Samples of  mixed media paintings by Jane Schwartz Gates




Schwartz Gates 'View of Crystal City'"Spirit of Crystal City"  Giglee - edition of 200 - 36" x 40"



Schwartz Gates "Tree of Feminine Thought" - Giclee - edition of 250 - 20" x 30"





Schwartz Gates "Butterfly Woman" - Giclee - edition of 200

  Schwartz Gates

 "Cats" - Laser Print - edition of 40 - 8" x 10"





Schwartz Gates

"Cat Evolution" - Giclee - edition of 250 -40" x 44"


Some Illustration Samples

Flower illustration by Jane Schwartz Gates              Illustration of ground beetle by Jane Schwartz gates          Illustration 'Lord of Light'  by Jane Schwartz gates

Mixed media flowers                                    Ground beetle, ink                               'Lord of Light' Illustration: mixed media

Illustration of fox by Jane Schwartz gates         Illustration of sea horse by Jane Schwartz gates        Illustration by Jane Schwartz Gates

Fennic Fox, pen and ink                                      'Seahorse' in mixed media                                  'Midnight dream', ink and water color

Illustration of Pelican by Jane Schwartz Gates                           Illustration of Cheetah by Jane Schwartz Gates

Pelican, ink, watercolor and pencil                                                       Cheetah in ink




Pet Portraits

Pet portrait by Jane Schwartz Gates   Dog portrait by Jane Schwartz Gates   Bird portrait by Jane Schwartz Gates    Cat portrait by Jane Schwartz Gates   Pet caricature by Jane Schwartz Gates

Commissioned portrait             Commissioned painting         'Caruso'                    'Wiscasset'                                         Caricature




Some cartoons


Dog Agility cartoon jane gates                                         cartoon dog cookie jane gates   

 Agility training cartoon                Animation character 'Sidney'                  "COOKIE!"    


            Flyball cartoon

                Flyball sports cartoon

Need a plant cartoon by Jane Gates                                              Border collie cartoon 

"I NEED another plant!"                                                              Border Collie cartoon